September 29 Anti-War March (was Re: Urgent Action: Let's Stop Bush's War)

From: Joseph Catron (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 00:20:14 EDT

Don't forget, there will be a major anti-war march (which appears to be
endorsed by Global Exchange, among others) in Washington, DC on September

Anarchy and peace,


> Please help by organizing meetings or rallies at the local offices of
> U.S. Senators and Representatives on Monday, Sept. 30. Congress is
> expected to vote within the next month on whether or not to authorize a
> war against Iraq. We must convince our Representatives and Senators that
> their constituents oppose a pre-emptive war against Iraq.
> For the day of September 30, we suggest that groups set up a meeting
> with their local Senator or Representative (or their aides) demanding
> that he/she sign on to a statement opposing war with Iraq. For
> Congress members who have been staunchly pro-war, we suggest a large,
> spirited anti-war rally outside the Congress member’s office. On the
> same day, national peace groups have called for a “No war on Iraq”
> lobbying day in Washington, DC.

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