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Magenta Wavy Vase
height: 9 inches
Price: $125

Orange Party Vase (Mexican Style)
height: 10 inches
Price: $150

Black Wavy Bowl (with Dichroic Glass)
height: 5 inches
Price: $100

Aqua Cone Bowl
height: 6 inches
Price: $150

Red Ochre Wavy Bowl
height: 4 inches
Price: $125

Lime Green Sparkle Vase
height: 8 inches
Price: $125

Blue Hurricane Folded Lip Bowl
height: 3 inches
Price: $60

Blue Rondle Light Catcher
diameter: 8 inches
Price: $60

Purple Rondle Light Catcher
Diameter: 9 inches
Price: $75

Apple Green Tumbler
height: 3 inches
Price: $40

Green Garden Bud Vase
height: 11 inches
Price: $125

Aqua Spiral Vase
height: 7 inches
Price: $125

Blue Spiral Cone Bowl *SOLD* and Amphora Vase
height: 3 & 4 inches inches
Price: $70

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