how power corrupts. 

Power is not just a special sauce you pour into things and hey presto you control them. Power is control, the application of energy to do work- that is the foundation in physics of what it means. Power comes from any mechanism that amplifies control over, well, anything around the one using it. Technology is the main vehicle for concentrating power, and any technology that works does so by giving its user some increased power. Maybe it's power to move a rock. Maybe it's power to warm something up. Maybe it's power to hurt people if they don't do what you say. But all those mechanisms need the same resources and fuel to actually _work_ , regardless of who is using them and what intentions that person has in his heart. The mechanism itself demands a certain course of action and anyone who fails to attend first to the needs of power, will quickly lose that power- either because he hasn't fed it and it disintegrated, or because someone else who did feed his mechanism of power, came along and pushed him out of the way. But in all cases anyone actually exercising power is necessarily attending first and without exception to the needs of the mechanism of power itself. The more involved that mechanism gets technologically, the less leeway there is for any difference in action from one wielder of power to another- more and more of the total possible actions are dictated by the machine of power itself, with the ever-present threat of losing power if any fail to properly feed and obey the power machine. Even the one using the power machine ends up serving it instead of actually controlling anything.