what is the nonexistent network?

NX is a top level domain that i decided to create as a rogue network, with 
the idea that slowly people might start connecting machines together outside
of the cruft-laden existing networks. The Internet was originally designed to
be a redundant, fault-tolerant, dynamically rerouting, robust, reliable 
network of systems connected each by numerous point to point links to other
nodes. When the networks became increasingly commercialized after clinton's
lifting of the ban on commercial activity on NSFnet, things went down the
toilet. Instead of being a partially connected peer to peer network as 
originally envisioned, with each node connecting to two or three other nodes
at least, the network now has lost its redundancy and become a tree. This is
not only bad because it concentrates the vulnerability to failures, outages, 
and performance bottlenecks, but it also lends itself to the networks being
controlled by a few 'backbone' providers. 
I propose a spontaneous network to be built again out of point to point links,
be the wireless links, phone lines, tunneled virtual links over other lines, 
isdn, fiber, anything, with each node participating connecting to at least 
two other nodes. Nobody in the NX-net would be a leaf node if they plan on
really being on the network. 
Ive decided to use the non-routable class A, 10, for NX. I top-level
nameserve NX with my two nameservers, umbar.pgh.nx and osgiliath.pgh.nx. 
Once i get the time to make a direct link to CMU, i will have a couple
more hosts in nx there. So far, the address space from to
and the space from to have been reserved for various
networks. I'm cutting all 10 numbers below 10.127 into class B's, and all
those abover 10.127 into class A's. I encourage people to join NX, start using
NX hostnames and addresses, run virtual circuits, extra phone lines, wireless
links, leftover fiber, anything you got, and start building a totally
grass-roots network! Please coordinate the use of the 10 network with me, 
but we could start using the other nonrouting addresses as well over time. 

please contact me nxinfo@umbar.vaxpower.org if you're interested in
connecting to nx! 

happy hacking,