what the fuck is devops anyway and why should i give a shit?

W..T..F.. is this new thing they call devops? its even more of this absolute insanity of working endlessly just to stay in the sam place you were. keeping abreast of the endless churn of meaningless 'updates' and replacing all the components that keep getting deprecated (the easy alternative to actually fixing bugs) nevermind that theyre full of bugs while theyre still in use.. all to accomplish a goal that one already had accomplished last month, three months ago, a year ago, over and over, but also a goal that we had solved decades ago with simpler tools. What do you actually want? a more rigorous and robust way of developing software? there is no magical infrastructure which will do this for you. The answer there really is in the caterogy of best practices and the simple tools we had decades ago were fine for it - the real meat was always in discipline and organization of your team. You should have been using revision control, tests, backups, code reviews before committing changes, and some kind of release engineering already.. if you needed some magical tool calling itself 'technology' to get your act in order then you were already screwing up. There has never been and never will be a substitute for actually knowing what you're doing and doing it well. No matter how many software packages and how many management fads come and go none of them will change this basic reality. Though, by trying to enable people who don't know what they're doing, to write some code, or to get some results they don't understand, these tools might simply make knowing what youre doing a whole lot more of a pain in the ass by forcing arbitrary and pointless complexity on the people who ultimately must make this heap of junk work. Add to that the consequence of the rest of the industry following the same fads, and you get this neverending churn of half-finished software always in flux, always needing attention, and a handful of smug and dishnoest 'gurus', actually charlatans, who will sell you the fantasy of everything ready and running at the push of a button. really, get over it. Institute some basic discipline in your team, get a grip on understanding what the hell you're doing and why you're doing it, and go back to writing actual programs, maybe say some makefiles etc, producing actual binaries, with minimal dependencies and minimum sensitivity to other peoples' shit changing on you unannounced, and try to regain some stability, reliability, predictability, and reproducibility in your software development.
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