Now, chances are, you werent exactly looking for this page.
However, there are a few things here which strange people might find

i am isildur. once upon a time, it was fashionable to have one's own web page. i suppose these days it's a rather obsolete idea. well, enjoy the anachronism.
  • I used to hack in the Parallel Data Lab at CMU . Now i flip bits at google, one of thousands of people typing responses to your search queries in real time.
  • I love UNIX. the older the better. (well, 4.3BSD is coolest)
  • I use vi.
  • I *like* vi.
  • My score on the 500 question nerdity test is 68%.
  • Never be caught without two colors of ink to draw a diagram with!
  • I've been fascinated with nuclear physics since i was 5 years old.
  • Several years ago I built a CO2 laser.
  • I'm a fanatic for DEC hardware, small VAXen, MIPSen, PDP-8's, and what have you.
  • Coca-Cola and doughnuts are an excellent diet.
  • Am I the only one in my generation who has a slide rule ?
  • obligatory geek code: -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.12 GCS/L/M/P/S d? s+:+ a- C--- UUB++++ P- L- E--- W-- N++ o-- K w--- O- M- V(-) PS+ PE Y+(++) PGP+ t 5- X-- R- !tv b+++ DI++ D--- G-- e+++ h* y+ ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
    If you have any questions about unix, feel free to ask at unixquestions ar vaxpower dot org, I'll usually get back to ya in a day or two..
    One day while waiting for Mitch, I decided to create a web adventure game. try it out. (it's pretty lame!)..
    some cool carbon fiber stuff: carbotron .
    Congratulations to the traitors who rule greece.
    The Tragedy of the Commons, live demo in Naxos Greece Interest rates and currency prices Towards the new barter economy whatever happeed with the hype about Chinese currency appreciation Making money or at least not losing your hat in a financial crisis A musing on the evolution of culture and ideas Diminishing returns and receding horizons
    A rant about object oriented programming A musing about the mass media. A rant about futurism A musing about ideology and power A musing about why power corrupts A musing about civilization and space exploration Const sucks, what to do about it A rant about this retarded devops fad A rant about how the chrome browser cant handle a simple text file The political and budget situation in Greece sucks, and what to do about it
    see KWNSTANTINOYPOLH from space!
    Way cool! check out the VAX instruction of the week !
    What is the NX network?
    Akos Varga's very excellent VAX page
    someone else's page on hiring a hacker
    A short informative article that illustrates by one example the general position of the US and upper echelons of the greek government towards the greek nation
    Chuck McManis' house of VAX
    Another fine VAX site
    VAX- when you care to steal the very best
    shelf-life of an opened bottle of iron-gall ink
    My little spiel on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement of fusion plasmas
    My PGP public key... and my GPG public key. You should use encryption too!
    A bunch of greek fonts?
    How about a UML to PPT compiler??
    2011 CERN trip
    Misc compiled (binary) packages from NetBSD pkgsrc, for alpha and amd64
    Bash 2 for NetBSD/alpha, with the shellshock vulnerability fixed.
    MD5 (bash-alpha-netbsd-shellshock-fix) = 82d3173d139c38d5739ea7e655b6ad0f
    SHA1 (bash-alpha-netbsd-shellshock-fix) = cde0356f7e43a224a34995072606212af1f3a10b

    An awesome page of VAX processors?