The new site is under construction.No ads and a lot more space ..i hope we can get some active content too .. a forum maybe ? :-)

Please email me about things you want to put about you in the Members Page .

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


We are currently working on getting us into a ladder so that will be coming up soon!

We will have practices as often as possible and we would like members to be in the chat room #[DOtR] in irc.utchat.com when they are on UT. Also we would like for every member to please email AFTERMATH at Shako63@earthlink.net and just to sing in the fact that you are in the clan. If he doesn't get your e-mail then you aren't in the clan.

We are recruiting as always so if you would like to become a soldier of the realm then stop by our chat room or e-mail da_psyco@hotmail.com and ask him for a tryout. Any of the HIGH op's can give you a tryout they are Psyco = leader PPP= co-leader and Aftermath= 2nd Co-leader/ war arranger. A practice clan war will be coming up soon so be prepared for war!